While the styling of your wedding comes fairly easy with the help of endless pinning, mood boards and an Instagram frenzy of hashtags, reception layouts require a very particular set of skills and the venue know how to make the space work.

From the “YES!” moment to the actual day you tie the knot, there is a lot that needs to be discussed in the meantime. By now, you probably have an aching thumb from scrolling late at night looking for inspiration on what you want your perfect night to look like.

We get a lot of questions about perfect layouts, food styling, memorable floral designs, guest entertainment, lawn parties and much more. And before we can lock in a reception lay-out, we need know all the answers to these questions. So in short, the lay-out is formed by all the individual concepts you want on your wedding day. Funny right!

In reality, the reception seating for your wedding can be as unique you want it to be. There really is no right or wrong way to set up your tables for your reception, but with cost, location & guest list all being major factors in the decision as well, let us handle making sure everyone has a seat.

So take a seat and have a look at our all time favourite lay-outs.

1.Traditional round tables

Round table dining is perfect for the traditional bride & groom. Having round tables at your reception doesn’t necessarily mean the traditional 8 or 10 people to a table. Our team can think outside the square and utilise smaller tables if that’s the way you’d like to go. No matter how many people are on the tables, guests will find it easy to mingle and enjoy the evening.

If there will be children at the wedding, they can be grouped together if they are old enough to sit away from their parents. Younger children should always be seated next to at least one parent, grandparent, or guardian to ensure someone has an eye on them at all times.

2. Whimsical Marquee Weddings

With our lawn area at hand, endless options are available. If you have a large guest list and you like dining under the stars, a marquee is the perfect option for you. It takes advantage of our beautiful lawn space and brings a very grand style to your day.

If you like DIY, then a marquee wedding has its benefits. It hands you your very own blank canvas to design your own space. You can source styling items that suit your tastes and reflect your personality as a couple. There are some amazing stylists in and around Sydney that can bring your big day to life. Our preferred supplier is Funktionality, head over to their website to check out their previous events.

3. Long communal tables

This is the current look of the season. Flowers, candles or lanterns look amazing on long tables – the symmetry of their arrangement creates a fantastic visual effect. It encourages conversation among guests, plus it’s easier to manage your wedding guest list.

Should you be looking at long tables for your seating style, we would suggest a shared plate serving style. Perfect for friends and family to share.

4. Family style communal tables

This is the dream and on trend lately as well. It’s great for bringing family and friends together. Your table styling will look seamless along the longer table, plus it makes for visually stunning photos.

They are not only great because they look gorgeous, but they also make the table plan easier because groups can be merged along the table without obviously grouping or separating people. Plus, if you have a few extra guests, this is the style you want to go for as there is may be more room to fit more guests in.


While we will have our favourites, we work with each couple to ensure the wedding is uniquely yours, meaning you get to choose how you seat your guests. We’re here to help you plan a seamless experience for your big day.

Want to find out how we can help make your wedding day one not only you, but your guests will remember forever? Get in touch with the team and see why couples love saying ‘I-do’ in the heart of the park.

Amy Jefferys – Weddings and Events Manager

t. 02 9380 9350  e. events@centennialhomestead.com.au

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