Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and finding a venue to fit your guests can sometimes be a hard task. But at Centennial Homestead we’re surrounded by the beautiful Parklands and have ample space for a range of ways to bring your big day to life. For the smaller, more intimate weddings, we have the Wisteria room which is the perfect space to host your family and friends. Then we have the ability to open up the Kitchen area for evening weddings and events, where we can fit further guests or space for a dancefloor. But for those who have a large number of family and friends, or just want to plan a different type of wedding, marquees are a beautiful way of accommodating your guests and ensuring a memorable day for all.

If you’re just starting out, or been planning for a while, Centennial Homestead can help bring your big day to life with tailored packages to suit all your needs. Simply give us a call on (02) 9380 9350, or shoot through an email and we’ll get back to you. We offer our home as yours to create the most romantic backdrop for your special day. #HomeSweetHomestead