Real Weddings: Jess & Steve

Couple: Jess and Steve
Date: March 2018
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Wisteria Room

How did you choose the venue?
We chose Centennial Homestead in Centennial Parklands because we wanted a really beautiful, natural space to have a long lunch. We also wanted something in Sydney and surrounded by nature. We also knew the food was amazing and that they were open to doing a vegan menu which was really important to us.

Tell us about the ceremony?
We were going to get married in the park, but due to the rain ended up having our ceremony in the Wisteria Room at the Centennial Homestead (where we had our reception). This was one of the surprises of the day in that we much preferred having the ceremony indoors. The room made the ceremony feel really intimate and allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the ceremony unfold. I would highly recommend having both a ceremony and reception in the Wisteria Room.

What food did you serve?
We had a vegan menu and that was really special. We chose the share plate option and people just couldn’t get enough of the Gnocchi and Cauliflower dishes in particular. Everyone was astounded at how delicious and filling the lunch was. It was a 5/5.

What was the style/theme?
Rustic garden party, amazing vegan food with a mix of natural wildflowers.

Did you have a wedding stylist/planner?
The styling of the venue was largely thanks to our amazing florist Alice Beasley and the team at Centennial Homestead. They all went above and beyond in preparation and on the day.

The special memory from the day?
At the ceremony, my partner had organised our friends to make a surprise marching band so that the ceremony ended with “You are my sunshine”. It was our own little ‘Love Actually’ moment and was such a great surprise!

All photography by Sophie Thompson Photography


Thank you for taking the time to read this beautiful story that unfolded itself at Centennial Homestead.

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